Merry Moon-Time Program for Girls & Teens

Merry Moon-Time Program for Girls & Teens

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We all remember when we had different clothes for every occasion...

1. Church clothes
2. School clothes
3. Play clothes
4. Work clothes

For many of us, now, these lines are somewhat and adults work out in their "Sports" clothes and keep going ...we stop at the store, the drive-through and other stops...Getting as much done as we can before we head home...

But, because of the excessive heat, bacteria, sweat and moisture that builds up in our pants & panties, we create more of an imbalance in our bodies...
We already have an imbalance...we eat too much sugar, bread, juice and fast food that has antibiotics in it..
And most of us have been born with an excess of Yeast in our bodies...

Bottom line....We don't change out of the "Sports" clothes quickly enough..

These hot, wet workout & sports shorts can create and cause a growth of a yeast or bacteria that gives off a smell  from our bodies, from the vagina...and it doesn't have to appear on any bacterial test that the Dr. gives you...You just know something is "off"...and it is...Trust is...

But, all of us know, just like when we see green mucus, a smell means there is an "imbalance"...

Don't wait for the test to come back to prove it......Be Proactive!!

Put good bacteria into your daughter's body with Probiotics!   2 before every meal and bedtime (included with this program)

Reduce the sugar, bread, fruit and feeds the Yeast!

Make sure that she changes underwear and out of her "Sports" clothes to "Play" clothes  as soon as she leaves the field....

Allow your daughter to be involved in the discussion and give her the responsibility to take over her herbal natural path, she will be on it for very long time...

Watch the artificial sprays, fake essential oil soaps and chemical fabric softners that you put in and on her clothes and body.

This program was inspired by my daughter and so many Momma's that I speak to weekly about their's a different world that they are exposed to versus how we grew up! 

So many more chemicals & toxins in all things...this is how we teach and assist them for Life...A Good Life!

This Program includes:

1.  Probiotics  (Good Bacteria)
2.  Merry Moon Time Tea for Girls & Teens
3.  Big Kidz Kleanze Dewormer (Detoxifies)
4.  Herbal Detox Soap (no chemicals, all natural)
5.  EFA's  (To assist with hormone balance)

A great gift for your daughter!  And for you!  (No more running back & forth to the Dr. for inconclusive tests)

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