Detox & Heal Your Womb!


It all started when…Women stopped detoxing their Womb!

Womb Detoxing is within the natural order of Life.

We "Detox" or "Kleanze" all areas of our bodies from our nails and hair to our bowels and teeth.  Naturally, we would "Detox" the core of our being, our Female Reproductive System.

The bitter tonic, taken 2 ounces before breakfast & bed, removes the old, collected toxins from the womb.  These toxins compound over time to create Fibroids, Cysts, BV and other common Womb Issues.  

This is just part of a "WombLoveOlogy" Lifestyle which also includes:

-No Sugar or Fruits. Yeast is one of the foundations of Womb Issues and sugar feeds the yeast.

-No Drive-Thru's.  Hormones increase the growth of anything present within the womb.

-No perms, dyes, non-organic cleaning products, artificial perfumes, and synthetic fibers on your body.  Your skin is your largest organ and everything you put on it, goes inside.

-No Hot Wings!  They are full of growth hormones, anti-biotics and toxins.

-No Beef, Pork, Soy!  All full of growth hormones, GMO, anti-biotics, toxins and it all goes straight to your womb.

-This is a Lifestyle change.  If you HATE Your Momma, YOUR Husband/Boyfriend-House-Job-Commute-Kids-Life, YOU need a Plan to create what you want in your Life.

-Womb Issues are Emotional, herbs, mind, body, spirit all work together.  WombLoveOlogy can be a plan that works for you!

Give it a 90 Day Try!  You will have a testimonial, too!