What is your shipping policy?

Please allow us 7 to 10 days to hand-craft your herbals..

No returns on herbals or cash refunds. We will help you find your best way to use your herbs!

We ship all over the world.

We have different non-liquid styles of herbs to ship outside of the continental US with directions for use.

Always ask us first, if you have a challenge with your herbs.

We can help!

All orders have a U.S. mail Tracking number.

Please take full responsibility for your herbal order.

If you order and won't be in town, do arrange for someone to retrieve your box from the porch, etc and put the Tonics into the fridge.

Our herbs are Organic with no preservatives. They need to be in the fridge within a few days.


Allow us 7 to 10 days to hand craft your herbal order!

We will provide a U.S. tracking number.

Give your order at least 6 days to reach your porch.

Refrigerate all of your herbs. There are no preservatives in your herbals and they will spoil if left on the counter.



 Allow 2 to 3 weeks to receive your handcraft your herbal order. 


How do I order wholesale?

Contact one of our Dr. HerbSistah Organic Master Formulas Representatives to receive a wholesale application by email or use our "Contact" form.

Or email us...info at herbsistah.com

Or text at  (404) 244-5565



Any other questions?