All of our herbs are created & hand crafted by Dr. HerbSistah (Eshe Faizah) from organic herbs.

This matters because your body has sent you a message that it is overloaded with toxins. The message are the Fibroids, or BV or Endo or PCOS.  Your body is sensitive and toxins are creating a reaction. 

So, go download My WombLoveOlogy Detox Guide (at the bottom of the page) and align your Lifestyle with what you truly desire in your life. Health and otherwise.

No More Pain!  Dr. HerbSistah's Organic Master Herbal Formulas incredible Womb Detox Tonic has assisted many clients with:

-Reduces excessive bleeding.

-Reduces cramps.

-Breaks down Fibroids and other Womb issues over time.  (Everyone is different) 

-Reduces days of your cycle.

-Increases great BM's.

-Enhances restful sleep.

-Lose toxic fat.


"Good Morning!
It's Amazing!!
"Back on the program just a couple of days - already feeling a world of difference.
Gas and bloating greatly decreased."
DD- Atlanta

Heal Your Womb!



"The bleeding stopped."

— usually within 24 to48 hours-


Heal Your Body!



WombLoveOLogy Creator-

Master Formulator

Dr. Eshe Faizah- Naturopath, WombLoveOlogist Advocate, Mother of 4,


Michigan native Eshe Faizah is passionate about Revolution and has used her platform for Social Change for many causes. 

The Art, Science Practice of Loving and Healing Our Wombs which is Revolutionary Womb Wellness is the culmination of her skills and work..."WombLoveOLogy!

Faizah was raised on a steady diet of stories of her Southern Roots- Big Momma, Aunt Henrietta & Uncle Peter Brown and what she now calls the "Wisdom of Our Herbal Elders".

This collection of family stories, coupled with Scientific research, her hands-on experience with thousands of Women, Men & Families has helped her create her unique style of herbal formulas and Life-ways advice & strategies.

"Hey there.
I picked up my womb tonic Thursday and started using it immediately.  Both nights I slept deeply enough to dream.
I can' remember how long is' been since I slept that well.
I don't  know if its' the intermittent fasting balancing my blood sugar (I only had to get up once in the night to pee) or the womb tonic balancing my hormones, but I  am amazed.
I had dinner with a friend last night who went on and on about how rested I looked.  What do you think?"
-C.T. - Atlanta




Circulation is Key for Men.  These herbals increase and support a Man's body & his circulation. 



Rooster Booster

Rooster Booster stimulates and increases circulation.

1. Use 5 veggie caps every morning before bed, along with

2. Enzymes and

3.  The Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox Tonic

You will feel the difference!

Stay with enzymes. They are part of the bodily process of allowing blood flow to go into channels that allow erections.

150 Veggie-Caps - $65

Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox Tonic - 64oz

Increases circulation.

Reduces mucus

Stimulates proper function of your organs

Aids Digestion and assists in Indigestion

Helps smooth, daily, deeper BM's



Rooster  Program

Get everything that you need in one box. Open the box-Get started!

Rooster Booster 150 VC

Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox - 64oz


Ultimo #44 Detox Daily Energy Vitamin



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Sometimes it's best to allow yourself an opportunity to understand what your body is telling be looked over by a female that can guide you...that you can learn and teach from. We all need to be within the Circle when its' time for us to heal...

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