1st Step Womb Detox Program

1st Step Womb Detox Program


Many Sistahs have had womb issues for so long, they really don't believe that anything natural can really help them.
My advice: "Stop the so-called 'Research' and just get started!"  

The Fibroids, Cysts, BV, or whatever it is, continues to grow and you are putting yourself into the spot of having no choices, except surgery.  

Start something!!

This program detoxes or cleans you out so that the healing can begin.

After this program you will continue with the basics with the Womb Detox Foundation.

An Herbal program that finally works!
Reduces excessive
bleeding, cramps,
builds blood,
soothes nerves,
allows you to live your Life without fear of falling out in public or bleeding out of your clothes in public.  

This is what you get with the 1st Step Womb Detox Program:

~Womb Detox Tonic - 64oz
~Probiotics - 90 vcaps
~Enzymes - 100 vcaps
~B-Stress  - 100 vcaps
~EFA's - 100vcaps
~Parasite Fiber Dewormer - 30day supply
~Herbal Douche - 2 douches
~Wombpositories - 2oz jar
~Herbal Castor-fusions -
~Ultimo #44 -150 vcaps

How Do I take this?
Not difficult...you take 2 oz of Womb Detox , every morning before breakfast and bed.
Take 1 Probiotic and 1 Enzyme & 4 EFA's.  
Take 6 B-Stress. and 1 tsp of Parasite Fiber Dewormer & 4 Ultimo's.
That's it.  

Take 1 tsp of Parasite Fiber & 1 Enzyme/Probiotic & 2 oz of Womb Detox Tonic.

You do this until you are low, then you re-order the Daily  Womb Detox Foundation Program.
You will feel better.
The bloating, constipation will stop and you will have more energy!

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