Hallelujah Full Body Detox

Hallelujah Full Body Detox


The Detox is also known as the "Hallelujah Movement"...because you will feel like running, jumping, dancing and saying, "Hallelujahh!"

The deep kleanzing action of moving old waste out of the body, and moving stuff that has been trapped throughout the body.                              Sarsaparilla Full Body Detox will begin by neutralizing gas, odors and eliminating bloating.

This Hallelujah Full Body Detox has several steps.

1.  Sarsparilla Full Body Detox

This tonic cleans the blood and bloodstream.

~stimulates proper function of the organs-Kidneys, Colon, Spleen,

~Moves out excess mucus

~Moves out Gas

~Stimulates bowel movements

~Helps one to rest better at nite


You receive:

64oz Sarsparilla Full Body Detox Tonic

Herbal Phenomenon 100 veggie caps

Digestive Enzymes  100 veggie caps

Probiotics                100 veggie caps

Herbal Detox Soap        Large Bar

Herbal Mineral Blend    100 veggie Caps

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