Herbal Detox Soap

Herbal Detox Soap


This specialty "Detox" draws and pulls toxins from your skin.

Many people report that they see actual dirt swirling the drain when they bathe with this Herbal Detox Soap.

I also get regular inquiries at to "Why" my skin seems to be so vibrant.  I do attribute much of that to this Herbal Detox Soap and alkaline water.


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Most soaps are strictly detergents.  Yes, not unlike those used to clean your driveway or clothes. They are that harsh.

How and why would a Sistah want to put 'that' on her Vagina? 

This is a major reason that Sistah's believe that they get "Yeast Infections" from using soap.   Most of us already have an abundance of Yeast and it is mainly the bad kind.  Anytime you upset that delicate balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria, the bad will always win....there are usually a lot more of them. 

You restore your 'good' bacteria by using probiotics and  The Herbal Detox soap, so gentle that an Emory M.D. recommends it to all of her babies, so the entire family uses it!