Love UP Your Sistahs! Month long Celebration of Us!

Love UP Your Sistahs! Month long Celebration of Us!

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I find that Sistahs don’t treat each other as we should. 

We go off too quick, we say mean things to each other and we wait for one another to fail, so we can post it & laugh!

This is not how we were raised. This is not what our Elder-Mommas expect of their sacrifices & energy.

We, yes, we, are the main supporters of one another, so we  

should and will have a month of “loving each other up” during our newly birthed                            “Love Up Your Sistahs!” month  to eliminate the damage done to our energy many months of the Year. 

We deserve to celebrate “us” for a month!  We are Creators and we can create whatever we desire!

We do so much for our families, communities, jobs and mates, we deserve some community Sistah Love!

We are the most powerful beings in the Universe and we have a high tolerance for discomfort, pain and negative energy. 

The month of June, we turn all of that around!  Unleash our Power and “Love UP Our Sistahs!”

My daughters and I came up with a quick list of what kind of things we can do for each other to      “Love Up our Sistahs”. 

This is just a starter list and do email us with your suggestions and next year, we will have an entire page devoted to these ideas and how they worked.  If you have video of it…we accept! with your ideas & video…   Dr HerbSistah & The WombLoveOlogy Team

One Great thing to do for you!

30 Things to Do to LOVE UP Your Sistahs & Yourself!

1.    Send a Handwritten Card

2.    Send a Drawing.

3.    Buy some Fancy Sunglasses or Earrings they wouldn’t buy

4.     Give Sincere Compliment!

5.    Give or clip them a Plant!

6.    Braid their Hair

7.    Keep their Children/Cat-Dog-kid

8.    Keep Negative comments to yourself or bring it out as Constructive Criticism

9.    Buy Herbs for yourself & share with them.

10.           Work out together

11.           Give them a Plant or clipping

12.           Invite them to Dinner

13.           Take them out to Dinner

14.           Give them a Waxing Certificate

15.           Take them to the movies

16.           Go Window shopping

17.           Go Pick Fruit!

18.           Clean their House.

19.           Clean out their Fridge

20.           Assist with the Technology

21.           Go to the Obyn/Dr./Dentist with them

22.           Register for “How to Be a Grown-Ass Woman!” June 14th 9pm

23.           Make them an outfit.

24.           Pray/Do Affirmations together

25.           Do Vision Boards together

26.           Listen! Be there for a Conversation. Tell them she can talk for 30 minutes-straight!

27.           Talk about your family stories on Father’s Day!

28.           Do a “You are Fabulous!” Day!

29.           Tell 5 Sistahs that you don’t know that they “Look Mah-velous!”

30.           Thank you Momma

31.           Release any pain that you’ve been carrying about a Sistah friend gone       sour.

32.           Be Ready for “Love Up Your Sistahs!” month next June!


Womb Love calls are back by Popular Demand!! Hosted by REISHI & Dr. HerbSistah

Call in at 9pm to (646) 558-8656 code 493-729-746

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Suggestions On Ways to "Love Up Your Sistahs!" What I'm Doing!

1. Send your Sistahs a Card this week!  Get Your Stack of Stationery that you never use and let's use it up this week!

So Buy some Stamps! mwwaahh!