Premium Parasite Program

Premium Parasite Program


This detox program is for everyone.

We are all born with parasites, just as other mammals are.  They are transferred from our parents.

Traditionally, the "Grandmothers" would 'deworm' the family.  The was a preventative health tradition that kept families healthy.
Whenever, I talk about this in my seminars, invariably, there are several people that remember their  Grandmother giving them, "Castor Oil & Orange Juice or "Turpentine in sugar"

This program will kill, stun and remove parasites from your body, blood and organs.

This program includes:

*Parasite Fiber Dewormer
*Enzymes -100
*Probiotics - 90
*EFA's -100
*Herbal Detox Soap
*Ultimo #44 - 100
*Colonic Tonic - 8oz
*Prostate Clear Male Herbal Tonic - Gallon
*Womb Detox Female Herbal Tonic - Gallon
*Sarsparilla Full Body Detox Tonic - Gallon

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