Tranquil Menopause

Tranquil Menopause


No More HOT FLASHES!!!! No More Hot Sweats!!

Feed your organs and nerves.


Go to bed early.

No News

Release the Caffeine

Take Super B Vitamins Daily (on this site)

Have more Sex

Let Folks Live Their Life!

Tell Folks, “No!”

Get Regular Massages

Stare at the Ceiling

Read Old Magazines

Watch Funny movies

Eat Popcorn in the Bed

Sleep Naked

Use a Essential Oil Diffuser in Your Bedroom

Wear a Sexy waist chain all summer!

Use nourishing sleep better

Consciously Enjoy Your Life!

Count Your Blessings…

Keep a Journal

Stretch/Do Yoga

Nourish/Love your body well every morning! And nite!

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