Winter Resistance Program

Winter Resistance Program


Time to build and rebuild your immune system, your winter food pantry and your projects for the upcoming Hibernation.
The Farmers Almanac says that this will be a historic cold winter this season. Gather your candles, your extra water and flashlights and frozen homemade soup. 
Also, start now with rebuilding your lungs and immune system. My baby sister is in the bed right now, hacking her lungs out and I often wonder why she won't accept my advice and detox her lungs in the summer.  Why? 
Because the bacteria in our lungs have dried out during the summer.
The illness that can plague us..the germs have not been rre-activated. 
This cold Season they will be re-activated. This program will:

Detox/Clean out your Lungs
Build your Immune System.
Move waste
Kill Parasites (in the Wisdom of our Herbal Elders)
Keep you feeling good...

Our new "Winter Resistance" Program
Parasite Dewormer - Check
Winter Resistance Tonic- Check
Probiotics - Check
Enzymes - Check
Herbal Detox Soap - Check
EFA- Check

This is how you learn how to Live in the Rhythm of the Seasons!
Be Proactive!

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