Womb Detox Tonic - 64oz (1/2 gallon)

Womb Detox Tonic - 64oz (1/2 gallon)


The Womb Detox Tonic will, I repeat, will greatly reduce the cramps, bleeding and excessive bleeding that you are experiencing.

You will notice the difference within hours of taking this bitter tonic. (And, No, you can't put a little Honey or Agave in it...Sugar is part of the problem)

When you are using this tonic at 2oz before breakfast & bed, you are simultaneously, eliminating sugar, including fruit, from your diet.


-Beer, Wine

-Hot Wings


-Drive Thru's

-Artificial Scents plugged into your home

-Fabric Softner Sheets

-Non-Organic Tampons or Pads


More in the Womb Detox Guide downloadable from this site.

Taken at 2oz at twice daily, this size last about 2 weeks. Two of them last 1 month.


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Please remove your tonic from the shipper and put into a Glass Apple Juice Bottle.  Your tonic can last more than a year in your fridge.  (Truly, I hope you don't need to do this, but, Sistahs have gotten pregnant, nursed their child and went back to drinking the same tonic that was in the back of the fridge.)