WombLoveOlogy Certification Journey

WombLoveOlogy Certification Journey


A Life changing course to Empower you with the Education to Teach Women the Female Reproductive System and how it works!

This knowledge increases a Woman's Power to make choices about HER Body! Without panic or fear from what she has been told even if that info is relying on her ignorance of her own body!

You will Learn in 7 weeks and take an Oral Exam with Dr. HerbSistah:

All classes by phone (1hour) and recorded & sent to you for deep learning & listening.

Journey 1

~Female Reproductive Anatomy

~The Phases of the Female Reproductive Cycle (Menses)

~Dynamic Sheroes that inspired & worked the Female Reproductive her-story.


~~Endocrine Disrupting Hormones & Hot Wings!  What You Must Know!

~What creates Fibroids & How to Prevent It!

~Energies of a Woman's Womb

Journey 2

~How to do Consults with your Clients

~Menopause-How to Tell it and What to do...Hint-It is not a Disease!

~The Myth of Balancing Hormones during Menopause


***an excerpt of WombLoveOlogy Journey will be posted

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